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2010 Homeland Security Grants Program
2010 NIMS Compliance

The two main training Academies will continue to offer training sessions to comply with ICS 300 and ICS 400. To meet the Department of Homeland Security's requirements:

  • Fire Service Chief Officers should complete ICS 300 and ICS 400 in order to maintain their NIMS compliance.
  • PSTC is recommended "Substantial Compliance" with IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700 on or before October 1, 2007 by:
    • Department head or designee from all municipal agencies with 50+ officers, all 10 Sheriff's Departments, and SP, DMV/HP, F&G and DRED/Forest and Lands for IS-300 and IS-400 by October 1, 2007 (assuming that PSTC can develop the course in time so agencies can meet the standards).

"Substantial Compliance" means that a majority of the personnel in the organization have met the training requirements, and there is a plan in place to ensure that remaining members, as well as new employees are trained to the standard.

The NIMS Integration Center (NIC) published the FY2007 NIMS Implementation Matrix and Compliance Metrics on October 24, 2006. The ICS-300 and ICS-400 requirement is referenced in this document which can be accessed on the NIMS Web site.

ICS-300 and ICS-400 training will continue to be an essential NIMS training requirement in future years. During the conduct of this training, students move away from awareness training (IS-700, IS-800, ICS-100, and ICS-200) to practical application of ICS (i.e. development of an incident action plan, establishing a command structure based on a scenario, etc.). The next step in the training process will be for students to develop core competencies by completing ICS position specific training.

In addition, local municipalities must report NIMS compliance via NIMSCAST to be eligible for 2010 Homeland Grant funding. A copy of the NIMSCAST "Summary of Assessment" report is required to be included with this application. This report should show the percent of data complete. Your NH Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Field Representative is the contact for technical assistance with regards to the NIMSCAST tool.

FEMA's Incident Management Systems Integration Division released the FY 2008 NIMS Compliance Objectives and Metrics and Five Year Training Plan on February 25, 2008. NIMS compliance directly impacts eligibility for Federal Preparedness Awards under Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-5, Managing Domestic Incidents.

In September 2004, DHS outlined the initial steps that needed to be taken in FY 2005 to implement NIMS. The activities outlined in that letter provided the foundation for current NIMS compliance. Since that time, The National Preparedness Directorate's Incident Management System Integration Division has continued to expand on this foundation and add additional activities – each developed to enhance the way that incidents are managed at all levels of government.

FY 2010 NIMS Compliance Objectives can be accessed on the NIMS Web site.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found on the FEMA Web site.

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