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2005 Homeland Security Grants
Grant Awards
Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (LETPP)

2005 Homeland Security Grant Awards
LETPP Threat/Risk $ Approved Project Description
Carroll County Sheriff’s Office $75,302.00 Command Trailer
Colebrook PD $20,000.00 Prevention, Recovery and Response Equipment
Dover PD $53,500.00 Communications Infrastructure Enhancement
Durham PD $12,306.00 Joint Hazard Mitigation
Gilford PD $14,280.00 Mobile Command Communications Infrastructure
Hampton FD $15,192.00 Search & Rescue
Lebanon PD $48,000.00 Communications Infrastructure Enhancement
Manchester FD $146,377.45 Physical Security Enhancement
Nashua PD Bomb Squad $24,000.00 Bomb Containment
Pittsburg PD $90,000.00 Border Security Equipment
Southern New Hampshire Special Ops Unit $32,073.00 Deployment Vehicle
TOTAL $531,030.45  
LETPP All Hazards $ Approved Project Description
Charlestown PD $45,000.00 Power Supply
Claremont PD $35,000.00 Prime Mover
Epsom PD $8,000.00 Special Operations Trailer
Henniker PD $14,950.00 Terrorism Prevention Equipment
Peterborough PD $19,200.00 Communications Infrastructure Enhancement
Rye PD $10,797.00 Communications Infrastructure Enhancement
Webster PD/EM $45,000.00 Power Supply
Winchester PD $8,896.00 Communications Infrastructure Enhancement
TOTAL $186,843.00  
Applicant - 2005 RFP $ Approved Project Description
Belknap Regional Special Ops Group $175,000.00 Bearcat Vehicle
Berlin Police Department $239,000.00 Wireless Network
Bow Police Department $5,000.00 Security Fence and Repeater
Charlestown Police Department $24,245.50 Repeater
Grafton County Sheriff’s Office $8,399.00 Multi-Station Remotes
Grafton County Sheriff’s Office $34,990.00 Repeater
Grafton County Sheriff’s Office $61,890.00 Base Station
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office $39,000.00 Repeater and Surveillance
Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office $40,000.00 Video Assessment
New Boston Police Department $23,520.50 Repeater
Plymouth Police Department $70,038.00 Repeaters and Antennas
Stratham Police Department $29,061.00 Receiver/Repeater System
Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office $46,991.00 Repeater Systems
Winchester Police Department $30,994.70 Repeater
TOTAL $828,129.70  
SOU Equipment and Training Allocations $ Approved Project Description
12 Recognized SOU Teams and 1 Bomb Squad $353,700.00 $21,053.85 for Equipment, $6,153.85 for Training each
TOTAL $353,700.00  
Total LETPP Funds Available $3,126,852.00  
LAWNET Allocation $150,000.00  
SOU and Bomb Allocations $353,700.00  
Local Training Allocation $50,000.00  
Manchester/Nashua Communications Infrastructure Set-Aside $500,000.00  
Critical Infrastructure Hold-Back for High Alerts $100,000.00  
Total LETPP Competitive Awards to Date $1,546,003.15  
TOTAL AWARDS $2,699,703.15  
To be allocated toward Portable Radios for LE $427,148.85  
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