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Firefighter I

Firefighter I | ECSI Professional Rescuer CPR/AED |
ESCI Standard First Aid Certification | Wildland Firefighter I
Firefighter I
Med Release Required? YES
Textbook: Jones & Bartlett, Fundamentals of Fire Fighting Skills, 3rd Edition
Hours: 212

This course is the first level of standards-based certification available to firefighters. Course materials provide information on topics which allow the firefighter to participate in certification testing to obtain Firefighter I certication based on NFPA 1001, 2013 edition, ProBoard Certified.

Class includes the following ONLINE Training Modules:
The Orientation and History of Firefighting
Firefighter Cancer Awareness
Fire Service Communications and Radio Interoperability
Fire Behavior
Building Construction
Class includes the following CLASSROOM/PRACTICAL SKILLS Modules:
Health, Fitness & Wellness
Firefighter Safety
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Tools & Equipment
Ropes & Knots
Response and Size Up
Forcible Entry
Search & Rescue
Water Supply
Fire Attack and Foam
Firefighter Survival
Salvage & Overhaul
Firefighter Rehabilitation
Fire Suppression
Fire Cause Determination
Classes also included in a Firefighter I Program:
HazMat Awareness
HazMat Operations
Wildland Firefighter I - listed below
ECSI Professional Rescuer CPR/AED - listed below
ECSI Standard First Aid - listed below

Prerequisites: 18 years of age
Student Medical ReleaseAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Dress Code: Dark Blue shirts with collars and dark blue or black slacks, or department uniforms, black shoes and socks. T-shirts will be allowed if approved by the Course Coordinator. Department uniform t-shirts are acceptable.
Computer with reliable internet access
Class Size: 24 (minimums apply)
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ECSI Professional Rescuer CPR and AED
Med Release Required? NO
Hours: 8
Description: This program covers the basics of healthcare level CPR, 2-rescuer CPR, BVM, pocket mask, as well as cardiac and stroke concerns. Risk factors of cardiovascular disease and ways to live healthy. Meets NH Bureau of EMS licensing requirements and NREMT certification requirements.
Prerequisites: None
Equipment Needs: None
Class Size: 24 (minimums apply)
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ECSI Standard First Aid Certification
Med Release Required? NO
Hours: 4
Description: This class is intended to allow the firefighter to provide initial “bystander” care, with emphasis on recognizing the presence of a medical emergency and providing initial assistance to the patient  prior to the arrival of emergency medical personnel.  Even if a fire department does not provide Emergency Medical Services, at  some point members will become involved in some kind of medical emergency.  Whether the victim is a member of the public, or a  member of the department, the initial actions of the firefighter can have a significant impact on the outcome of the emergency.
Prerequisites: None
Equipment Needs: None
Class Size: 24 (minimums apply)
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Wildland Firefighter I
Med Release Required? YES
Hours: 24
Description: Designed as an entry level course for Firefighters wishing to increase their basic knowledge of Wildland Firefighting. This course meets the training requirments for both NFPA 1051: Standard for Wildland Firefighting Personnel Professional Qualifications and the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) S-150 Firefighting Training and S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior. This course is a blended learning course that covers factors that influence the start and spread of wildland fires, influence of weather of fires, safe operations at the scene of a wildland fire and tools and equipment used for the control and/or extinguishment of wildland fires. The practical session will include constructing a fire line as a member of a crew, and methods of direct and indirect fire attack using appropriate hand tools and water.
Prerequisites: Student Medical ReleaseAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Equipment: Hard hat, leather utility gloves, leather work boots, long-sleeve shirt (nomex preferred), long pants (nomex preferred), eye protection, access to a computer with internet connection
Class Size: 16 minimum, 24 maximum
Dress Code: Department Uniform
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