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Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
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Staff Directory

Name Title Telephone E-mail Address
Deborah A. Pendergast Division Director (603) 223-4200 [email protected]
Nick Mercuri MHA, NR P, RN Bureau Chief (603) 223-4200 [email protected]
Jon Bouffard MBA, NR P, FP-C Deputy Chief (603) 223-4200 [email protected]

State EMS Medical Director
Jim Suozzi, DO, NRP, FACEP State EMS Medical Director (603) 223-4200 [email protected]

Advanced Life Support / PIFT /Protocols /Trauma:
Vicki Blanchard, NR P Captain, Clinical Systems Coordinator (603) 223-4200 [email protected]

Shawn Jackson, NR P Captain, Education Coordinator (603) 223-4200 [email protected]
Diane Bunnell, NR EMT Education Specialist, Regions 1 and 5 (603) 271-0787 [email protected]
Karen Louis, NR EMT Education Specialist, Regions 3 and 4 (603) 223-4200 [email protected]
Kim Mattil, NR EMT Education Specialist, Region 2 & out-of-state reciprocity (603) 223-4200 [email protected]

Field Services / Licensing /Investigations:
Kathleen Higgins Doolan, NREMT-I Captain, Field Services Coordinator (603) 223-4200 [email protected]
Liza Burrill, NR AEMT Field Services Representative - Licensing & Operations (603) 271-0789 [email protected]
Richard Cloutier, NR AEMT Field Services Representative, Investigations (603) 223-4200 [email protected]
Diane Carrier, NREMT-I EMS Licensing Coordinator (603) 223-4200 [email protected]

TEMSIS /Research & Quality Management:
Chip Cooper, NR P Captain, Research Coordinator & Quality Management (603) 223-4200 [email protected]
Jack Hedges, NR EMT-I TEMSIS Support Specialist (603) 223-4200 [email protected]
Todd Donovan NR P TEMSIS Support Specialist (603) 223-4200  

Preparedness /AED / Special Projects:
William Wood, NREMT-I Preparedness & AED Grant Coordinator (603) 223-4200 [email protected]

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