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Permissible Unregulated Novelty Fireworks

Pursuant to New Hampshire RSA 160-B and 160-C retail stores not possessing a license to sell New Hampshire approved permissible fireworks are only allowed to sell the following unregulated consumer firework devices which are classified as novelties:


SPARKLERS: A wire or stick coated with a pyrotechnic composition, not exceeding 3.5 oz per item. Pursuant to NH RSA 160 – B: 16, sparklers shall not contain any chlorates or perchlorates.

Party Poppers

PARTY POPPERS: A small plastic or paper item containing not more than 0.25 grains (16 mg) of explosive composition that is friction sensitive. A string protruding from the device is usually pulled to ignite it. This item expels non-flammable paper streamers or other non-flammable novelties, or both, and produces a small report.


SNAPPERS: A small, paper wrapped item containing not more than 0.02 grains (1 mg) of explosive composition coated on small bits of sand, and packaged with sawdust in individual containers of not more than 50 units. When dropped, the device explodes, producing a small report.


SNAKES: A pressed pellet of not more than 0.07 oz (2g) of pyrotechnic composition and packaged in retail packages of not more than 25 units that produces as the primary effect a snake like ash upon burning. The ash expands in length as the pellet burns.

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