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Certificates of Competency - RSAs

Certificates of Competency
for the
Display of Display Fireworks

Saf-C 5003 Saf-C 5003.01 Certificate Required

No display of display fireworks shall be conducted unless at least one person with a current certificate of competency for the display of display fireworks is physically present at all times during the setting up, loading and firing of the display. The person with a current certificate of competency shall oversee and assure that the display is being conducted in a safe and secure manner.

Saf-C 5003.02 Certificates of Competency

(a) The director, upon application of any natural person, shall issue a certificate of competency to such a person to conduct display fireworks displays if the director determines that the applicant is qualified in the safe use of display fireworks, as provided in Saf-C 5003.03
(b) Certificates of competency for the display of display fireworks shall be valid for 4 years from the date of issue unless suspended or revoked by the director.
(c) Certificates of competency for conducting blasting operations issued under RSA 158:9-f and Saf-C 1604 shall not be valid for the display of display fireworks.
(d) No certificate of competency shall be assigned or transferred.

Saf-C 5003.03 Qualifications

(a) An applicant for a certificate of competency shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Compliance with the application procedures set forth in Saf-C 5003.04; and
(2) Pass a written competency test administered by the director.

(b) If an applicant cannot read or write, the written competency test shall be administered orally by the director or his/her designee.
(c) The competency test cited in (a)(2) above, shall test the person’s knowledge of the rules and the general procedures for the display of display fireworks.

For the purposes of (a)(2) above, an applicant shall receive 8 or less wrong answers in order to pass the test.

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