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Permissible Fireworks Review Committee

HB 291 of the 2011 session modified the make up of the committee. Below is a copy of the legislative language:

160-C:13 There is hereby established a Permissible Fireworks Review Committee. The composition of this committee shall be as follows: one senator, appointed by the senate president; one representative, appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives; the state fire marshal or designee; the director of the division of state police or designee; and 3 public members, 2 of whom shall be engaged in the retail sale of consumer fireworks in New Hampshire and one of whom shall be a regular purchaser of consumer fireworks, appointed by the governor.

No vote of the committee shall take place unless 3 members of the committee are present. The term of office of each member appointed by the governor shall be 2 years and until a successor is appointed and qualified. The other members of the committee shall serve terms coterminous with their terms in office. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner for the unexpired terms. Members shall serve without compensation, except that the legislative members shall receive mileage at the legislative rate. The committee shall elect a chairperson annually.

Next Meeting: TBA.

Representing Name Term (2 Years)
New Hampshire Senate Senator Harold French Appointed
New Hampshire House of Representatives Representative David Welch, Chair Appointed
Fireworks Retailers Mrs. Sarah Bergeron Appointed
  Mr. Jared Savineli Appointed
Consumer Mr. Shawn Allison Appointed
New Hampshire State Police Sgt. Jeffrey Dade
(representing Colonel Nathan Noyes)
Term does not expire
New Hampshire State Fire Marshal Fire Marshal Sean P. Toomey Term does not expire
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