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Laws & Rules
Summary of Statutes (RSAs) Applicable to Fire Services

The State and Its Government
Chapter Sections
Chapter 21-P Department of Safety, 21-P:4, 21-P:12, 21-P:12a, 21-P:14, 21-P:16 to 21-P:22, 21-P:25 to 21-P:33
Chapter 28 County Commissioners, 28:7
Towns, Cities, Village Districts, and Unincorporated Places
Chapter 31 Powers and Duties of Towns, 31:39, 31:39-b, 31:57 to 31:59, 31:105
Chapter 39 Time For Holding Town Meetings And Warning Thereof, 39:1 to 39:14
Chapter 41 Choice And Duties of Town Officers, 41:56, 41:57
Chapter 47 Powers of City Councils, 47:1-a, 47:9, 47:17,47:170a
Chapter 52 Village Districts, 52:1, 52:11, 52:20
Chapter 53-A Agreements Between Government Units, 53-A:3
Chapter 72 Persons and Property Liable To Taxation 72:22-a
Public Officers and Employees
Chapter 91-A Access to Public Records and Meetings, 91-A:1 to 91-A:8
Chapter 100-A New Hampshire Retirement System, 100-A:19, 100-A:36-e, 100-A:36-f
Chapter 100-B New Hampshire Length of Service Awards Program for Volunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Emergency Medical Personnel, 100-B:1 to 100-B:14
Chapter 102 Firemen’s Retirement System, 102:1 to 102:27
Sheriffs, Constables and Police Officers
Chapter 106-H Enhanced 911 System, 106-H:1 to 106-H:15
Public Defense and Veterans’ Affairs
Chapter 107-C Emergency Management Act, 107-C:1 to 107-C:16
Chapter 109 Emergency Fire Assistance, 109:1 to 109:14
Public Health
Chapter 126-A Department of Health and Human Services, 126-A:21
Chapter 141-G Notification of Emergency Response/
Public Safety Workers after Exposure to Infectious Disease,
141-G:1 to 141-G:7
Chapter 146-A Oil Discharge or Spillage in Surface Water or Groundwater, 146-A:6
Chapter 147 Nuisances; Toilets; Drains; Expectoration; Rubbish and Waste, 147:16-A
Chapter 149-H Hazardous Material Transportation Advisory Board, 149-H:1
Hospitals and Sanitaria
Chapter 151-B Emergency Medical and Trauma Services, 151-B:1 to 151-B:28
Public Safety and Welfare
Chapter 153 State Board of Fire Control, 153:1 to 153:26
Chapter 154 Firewards, Firefighters, and Fire Hazards, 154:1 to 154:34
Chapter 155 Factories, Tenements, Schoolhouses,
and Places of Public Accommodations, Resort or Assembly,
155:1 to 155:77
Chapter 155-A Construction and Inspection of Public Buildings, 155-A:1 to 155-A:4
Chapter 155-B Hazardous and Dilapidated Buildings, 155-B:1 to 155-B:15
Chapter 155-D Energy Conservation in New Building Construction, 155-D:1 to 155-D:10
Chapter 157-A Boilers and Pressure Vessels, 157-A:1 to 157-A:14
Chapter 157-B Elevators and Accessibility Lifts, 157-B:1 to 157-B:19
Chapter 158 Explosives and Explosive Substances, 159:1 to 158:40
Chapter 160-B Fireworks, 160-B:1 to 160-B:23
Chapter 199 Schoolhouses, 199:23 to 199:26
Housing and Redevelopment
Chapter 205-C Modular Building Standards, 205-C:1 to 205-C:7
Chapter 227-L Woodland Fire Control, 227-L:1 to 227-L:35
Chapter 231 Cities, Towns and Village District Highways, 231:92, 231:152, 231:153
Chapter 236 Highway Regulation, Protection and Control Regulations, 236:21
Motor Vehicles
Chapter 259 Words and Phrases Defined, 259:12-e, 259:28, 259:34, 259:40
Chapter 260 Certificates of Title and Registration of Vehicles, 261:92, 261:145, 261:146, 261:158
Chapter 265 Rules of the Road, 265:8, 265:8-a, 265:61, 265:69, 265:100, 265:101
Chapter 266 Equipment of Vehicles, 266:11-a, 266:18, 266-19-a, 266:60-a, 266:73 to 266:74-a
Chapter 275 Protective Legislation, 275:32, 275:33, 275:35
Chapter 275-C Governor’s Commission on Disability, 275-C:10 to 275-C:17
Chapter 276-A Youth Employment Law, 276-A:1 to 276-A:22
Chapter 281-A Workers’ Compensation, 281-A:17
Occupations and Professions
Chapter 310-A Professional Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors, Natural Scientists, and Foresters, 310-A:27, 310-A:52
Chapter 319-C Electricians, 319-C:4, 319-C:5, 319-C:24-a
Chapter 402 Insurance Companies and Agents, 402:66 to 402:71
Chapter 414 Regulation of Rates for Fire and Certain Casualty Insurance, 414:1 to 414:9
Chapter 500-A Jurors, 500-A:9
Actions, Process, and Service of Process
Chapter 507 Actions, 507:8-h
Chapter 508 Limitation of Actions, 508:12, 508:12-b, 508:17
Proceedings in Special Cases
Chapter 541-A Administrative Procedure Act, 541-A:1 to 541-A:41
Proceedings in Criminal Cases
Chapter 595-B Administrative Inspection Warrants, 595-B:1 to 595-B:9
Criminal Code
Chapter 634 Destruction of Property, 634:1
Chapter 638 Fraud, 638:20
Chapter 641 Falsification in Official Matters, 641:1 to 641:8
Chapter 642 Obstructing Governmental Operations, 642:1
Chapter 644 Breaches of the Peace and Related Offenses, 644:3 to 644:3-c, 644:12, 644:13, 644:16-b
Planning and Zoning
Chapter 673 Local Land Use Boards, 673:1, 673:3
Chapter 674 Local Land Use Planning and Regulatory Powers, 674:34, 674:36, 674:44, 674:51, 674:52, 674:52-a
Chapter 676 Administrative and Enforcement Procedures, 676:15, 676:17
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