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Bulletins Cross Reference Table

Bulletins shaded in gray have been superseded and are no longer valid.

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Informational Bulletin Subject Informational Bulletin Number
Bed and Breakfast Safety 2006-06    
Carbon Monoxide Detector Law 2009-07    
Cardboard Gas Containers Prohibited in New Hampshire 2008-03    
Christmas Tree Regulations 2009-06    
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Systems 2013-09 2013-08  
Day Care Occupancy 2004-01    
Dispensing Fuel into Motor Vehicles 2006-03    
DOT LP Gas Cylinders 2006-01    
Educational Occupancies, Fire Code Issues 2005-01 2003-04  
Electrical Licensing Testing Entity 2010-01    
Electrical Safety Hazard Special Attention Health Care Facilities 2008-02    
Electronic Monitoring of Portable Fire Extinguishers 2013-04 Rescinded  
Essential Buildings 2013-06    
Exits for Apartments 2007-01    
Fairs and Carnivals 2011-01    
Fire Extinguishers and the ADA 2013-10 Rescinded  
Generator Safety 2012-03 2010-03 2009-05
Grill Use and Safety 2017-04    
Haunted House Safety 2008-05 2004-02  
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code (NFPA 58) 2008-07    
Marine Refueling at NH State Piers 2013-05    
Metal Chimneys 2011-03    
Mobile HVAC Trailer Resource 2013-07    
National Fuel Gas Code (NFPA 54) 2007-05    
New Hampshire Gas Fitters Law (Amilia’s Law HB 1711) 2006-04    
Night Clubs 2004-04    
Places of Assembly 2013-03 2003-01  
Pyrotechnics (Pyrotechnic Flame Effects, Fireworks) 2006-02 2004-06 2003-02
School Fire Reporting Requirements 2009-01    
School Locking Arrangements 2013-01    
Sky Lanterns Prohibited 2012-02    
Smoke Alarm Requirements 2008-01    
Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Installations) 2013-02    
State Fire Code Update 2004-03    
Toxic Fumes at Indoor Ice Rinks 2011-02    
Venting Arrangements for Residential Heating Appliances 2010-04    
Bulletins shaded in gray have been superseded.

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