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Bureau of Building Safety & Construction
Mechanical Safety & Licensing Section
Gas Fitter & Plumber Licensing

Welcome to the Mechanical Licensing Section.

Please note that while our building is currently closed to the public, we continue to process licensing and certification applications. At this time there are two options for submission.

1. Online license renewal. To do this you will need to reference the letter we sent you in the mail.
2. There is a drop-box for hard copy materials at the top of the hill at 110 Smokey Bear Blvd., which is checked daily.
3. Mail your materials to us.

As always, please contact us with any questions or comments at or 603-223-4289.

Mechanical Applications & Forms
Affidavit for Proof of Field/Work Experience Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Apprentice/Trainee - Endorsement Letter Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Apprentice/Trainee (Gas) - Application Packet Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Apprentice/Trainee (Plumbing) - Application Packet Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Business Entity - ApplicationAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Criminal Background - Request Form Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol(if required) *** Payment and Form must be mailed or submitted directly to the NH State Police Criminal Records Bureau, 33 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH. Please contact them at 603-223-3867 with any questions regarding this process. ***
Existing License Number Transfer Policy Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
FAQ - Mechanical Licensing and Safety Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Gas & Plumbing - License Renewal Form Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Initial Gas Fitters License - Application Packet Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Initial Plumbing - Application Packet Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Plumbing/Gas Upgrade - Application Packet Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Mechanical Inspection (Gas/Plumbing) - Request Form Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Water Treatment Certification Application Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Education & Training

For all licensees (except apprentice and trainee registration licenses) you will need to show proof of 3 hours of code update every year totaling 6 hours per 2 year renewal cycle.

Board-Approved programs for educational instruction for fuel-gas licensing are as follows: (Alphabetical Order)

Advanced Trade School

Granite State Trade School

Manchester Community College

National Propane Gas Association - CETP (Certified Employee Training Program)

The NH School of Mechanical Trades

UA Local Union 131

List of Seminar Providers (Online) Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

List of Seminar Providers (Gas) Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

List of Seminar Providers (Plumbing) Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Testing - Plumbing Exams

There are currently two testing organizations that are approved by the New Hampshire Mechanical Safety & Licensing Board, listed below. Please schedule your test directly with one of them before submitting any paperwork to us.

NH Gasfitters Plumbing Exams
- Please call (978) 338-6252 or visit their website for information or to register.
Pro-V - Please review the Candidate Information Bulletin for their testing information and frequently asked questions.

AFTER taking an exam, candidates may submit a license application to our office.

*Please Note* A passing grade on the exam does not guarantee candidate approval for a license. The onus is on the applicant to ensure they meet all criteria for licensure as set by our laws and rules, located further down on this page. If an applicant is unsure whether they meet the requirements, the applicant should contact our office at (603) 223-4289 and press option 2, and our staff will be happy to assist them with their inquiry.

Do you want to become a Plumbing Apprentice and already have some plumbing knowledge?
You may be eligible to test out of Year 1 of plumbing apprentice education.
First Year Plumbing Apprentice Bypass Testing Policy & Procedures Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Testing for Expired and Inactive Fuel Gas and Plumbing Licensees

A fuel gas fitting license holder or plumbing license holder who submits an application for late renewal shall be subject to all requirements for new applicants. For anyone seeking to renew their NH fuel gas fitting license or plumbing license 365 days or more past the expiration date, an exam is offered through our educational providers in lieu of the 140 hour courses (fuel gas only). Successful candidates may then re-apply for the license through our office.

Each individual seeking a renewal license to practice as a domestic appliance technician, a fuel gas fitter, a master or journeyman plumber, or seeking to renew as a fuel gas trainee or plumbing apprentice, shall do so by submitting the following application packet:

(1) An application renewal form provided by the board; and
(2) If a plumbing apprentice or fuel gas fitting trainee, proof of continued enrollment in the registration license program applied for; and
(3) If a holder of any other type of mechanical license issued pursuant to RSA 153:27-38, proof of continuing education supporting materials required for each licensing endorsement applied for; and
(4) The license or registration fees specified by Saf-Mec 501.03 through Saf-Mec 501.05 which is applicable to the type of license or registration license sought.

Licensing exams for gas fitters are offered through the following:
Advanced Trade School at (603) 785-2491 or
Granite State Trade School at (603) 895-4444 or
NH Gasfitters Continuing Education Online at (978) 338-6252

New Hampshire Code Amendments
2009 IPC Amendments Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

2009 IMC Amendments Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

State Fire Code SAF-C-6000 Saf-C 6000

Laws & Rules

NOTICE: The Rules of Saf-Mec have been approved by JLCAR and are in effect, the documents posted are subject to final editing and distribution by NH Legislative Services

Saf-Mec 100 Purpose and Scope of Administrative Rules of the Board Mec 100

Saf-Mec 200 Procedural Rules
Mec 200

Saf-Mec 300 Initial Licensure Rules Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Saf-Mec 400 Continued Status (Renewal) Rules Mec 400

Saf-Mec 500 Initial Licensing and Inspection Rules & Fees Mec 500

Saf-Mec 600 Professional Standards Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Mechanical Licensing - RSA 153:27 through RSA 153:38
RSA 153

Mechanical & Plumbing - Informational Bulletins

Clarification for Gas Licensing for Gas Fired Generators #2019-02 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Clarification on 3 inch Vent Terminal Requirements, per IPC 903.2 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Chimneys with Gas Appliances Installed #2019-01 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Stationary Generator Installation & Safety #2016-03 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Appliance Venting & Heating System Maintenance #2015-10 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing - Residential Safety Bulleting for Homeowners Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

U.S. Senate Resolution on CSST Safety Importance Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

CNG Systems #2013-09 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Water Fountain AccessAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Chemical Dispensing Appliance Installation #2014-01Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

PVC Venting - Notice from Charlotte Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

License Look Up
The State of New Hampshire Licensing Verification Site allows you to obtain public information regarding a licensed individual or facility: LOOK UP A LICENSEE

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