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Bureau of Building Safety & Construction
Engineering & Plan Review Section

The NH State Fire Marshal’s Office is charged by statute with ensuring compliance with the NH State Fire Code and the NH State Building Code through the review of plans prior to construction in the following types of projects:

  • State owned property (not leased or rented by the State of NH).
  • NH University System and NH Community College System.
  • Educational Occupancies and Healthcare occupancies.

Projects other than the ones outlined above are the responsibility of the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) which will be the fire department or building department depending on the local rules and laws. As always, this office is available to those officials for specific questions and code clarifications.

Please click on one of the links below to get more information about the engineering section. All requests for plan review must be accompanied by a completed plan review submitssion form (below). All requests for a variance must be accompanied by a completed variance request form (below)

Quick Links:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

State Building Permit System

Plan Review Submission Request Form Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Variance Request Form (DSFM 129)
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State of NH List of Adopted Building and Fire Codes Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes & Standards

The most commonly used codes are NFPA 101, The Life Safety Code® (2015 Edition) and NFPA 1, The Fire Prevention Code (2009 Edition). These codes reference various editions of other codes in order to cover all applicable uses of the code. The NH State Fire Code will reference a particular edition of the NFPA publication, and this publication will reference a particular edition of a separate edition.

Visitors to our site may access the codes published by NFPA free of charge by clicking on the link below. You will be asked to create a unique log-in and password to access these codes. These codes are produced through consensus committee, re-written and reviewed every three years, and the State has adopted them with some changes through the administrative rule process. There is no charge to view the codes online.

Limited-Free Accees to NFPA Codes and Standards

The codes are also available for review at our office, or your local fire department may make them available for you. If you wish to look at the codes at our office, please call to make an appointment. Please understand, these codes are copyrighted work of the NFPA; as such, we cannot supply a copy of any of the codes.

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