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Boards & Commissions
Board of Fire Control

The Board of Fire Control was established in 1947. The Board is governed by RSA 153:2, which stipulates its composition. The text of RSA 153:2 is included below:

153:2 Membership and Organization. – There shall be a state advisory board of fire control consisting of 11 members appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the council. The members shall be persons with experience and background in:

(1) a manufacturing industry
(2) the storage of petroleum products and in standard safety precautions with reference thereto
(3) the position of forest fire warden and who is a chief of a volunteer or full-time fire department
(4) fire insurance underwriting, including knowledge of national standards of construction, causes of fire loss and regulations pertaining to fire safety
(5) the position of chief of a municipal fire department
(6) a registered architect
(7) a chemical engineer
(8) an electrical engineer
(9) the position of chief of a volunteer fire department
(10) natural gas distribution
(11) propane gas distribution

Members shall be appointed for terms of 5-years. One member of the board shall be designated as chairman thereof by the governor.


Board Members

Floyd W. Hayes, III
12/01/1993 - 7/08/2023
Petroleum Industry
Steven C. Freitas
5/17/23 - 7/08/2028
Chemical Engineer
Evan Bonney
9/3/22 - 9/2/2027
Propane Gas Distribution
Douglas Basnett
7/27/2022 - 7/08/2026
Manufacturing Industry

Forest Fire Warden
Allan R. Clark
06/10/2010 - 7/08/2024
Chief of Volunteer Fire Dept.
Shawn Proulx
4/12/23 - 7/8/27
Electrical Engineer
Paul R. Thibault
11/22/2017 - 7/8/2022
R. Douglas Proctor
6/5/2019 - 7/8/2025
Scott Hunter
1/26/2022 - 7/08/2025
Chief of Municipal Fire Dept.
Mark Dupuis
9/20/2020 - 9/2/2022
Natural Gas Distribution
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