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Lightning Rod Safety & Licensing


The Lightning Rod program is repealed effective January 1, 2021, pursuant to passage of HB 208, which was approved on April 23, 2021.

Until then, all lightning rod salespersons, dealers, manufacturers, and agents shall comply with the requirements of RSA 323 and Saf-C 6017.

All persons designing, installing, testing, modifying, repairing or maintaining lightning protection equipment shall comply with the requirements of NFPA 780, 2000 edition.

Application for Dealer’s License

An applicant shall submit the following on form DSFS 71 adobe acrobat reader symbol (Application for Lightning Rod Dealer License):

  1. Whether the application is for a new license or a renewal;
  2. If a renewal, the previous year’s license number;
  3. Trade name of dealer;
  4. List of name(s) and address(es) of individual partners, principal officers, and director;
  5. Address of principal place of business;
  6. Telephone number of principal place of business;
  7. Whether licensed in another state, and if so, what state;
  8. Certification of knowledge of and agreement to comply with Saf-C 6017; and
  9. Signature of applicant sworn before a notary public or justice of the peace.

Application for Agent’s License

Applicant shall submit the following on form DSFS 72 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol (Application for Agents License to Sell or Install Lightning Rods):

  1. Statement of applicant:
    1. Name and Address, age;
    2. Business address;
    3. Residence for past 5 years;
    4. Whether applicant is licensed in another state, list states;
    5. Whether such a license has ever been suspended or revoked;
    6. Occupation, for last 5 years;
    7. Name of licensed dealer represented;
    8. Certification of knowledge and intent to comply with state law and fire code;
    9. Notarized signature; and
  2. Statement of licensed dealer:
    1. request that named agent(s) be licensed;
    2. Whether license is original or renewal;
    3. Where licenses are to be sent; and
    4. Date and signature of licensed dealer.


Dealer Application Fees $50.00
Agent’s Application Fees $10.00 per person


A bond shall be filed with the commissioner of safety in the sum of $5,000 to guarantee that all materials so used and the installation of said materials shall have the approval of the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.

Lightning Rod Installers, Dealers and Salespeople Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

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