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About Us

The Division of Fire Safety is part of the NH Department of Safety and we have three bureaus:

Bureau of Safety & Construction
Bureau of Investigations
Bureau of Planning and Support Services.

Our office is responsible for operations across the state, including:

  • building safety and construction as it relates to NH State Fire Code and NH State Building Code
    (jurisdiction for building code only applies to state-owned properties)
  • carbon monoxide and fire death investigations
  • community assistance during emergencies
  • community risk reduction
  • data collection & analysis related to fire service emergency response
  • law enforcement related to arson
  • lead agency for ESF-4 and ESF 10 in the State Emergency Operations Center
  • fire cause investigations
  • fire code enforcement
  • fire code interpretations
  • fireworks safety
  • hazardous materials coordination and response
  • ignitable liquid detection canine unit
  • investigation of building collapses and gas/mechanical incidents
  • licensing fireworks, mechanical/plumbing & gasfitting, and modular building professionals
  • law enforcement related to arson
  • public fire safety education
  • school safety inspection program
  • state and local responder training
  • state building permit program
  • technical plans review service throughout the state

The items listed above involve coordination between multiple agencies during emergency response, enforcement activities and investigations between federal, state, country, and local departments.

Under the Director, there is an Assistant Director/Deputy State Fire Marshal that oversees Administration & Business Operations for the entire Division. A Bureau Commander/Deputy State Fire Marshal oversees the Bureau of Investigations that includes the Fire & Explosion Investigation Section, Code Enforcement Section, Special Operations Section, and the Public Education & Database Section. The Bureau Commander/Deputy State Fire Marshal for the Bureau of Building Safety and Construction oversees the State Building Permit System, Modular Building Program, Mechanical Safety Section, Engineering & Plan Review Section, Licensing Section, and the Tramway & Amusement Ride Safety Section.

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