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Mapping GIS/Addressing

The Mapping Unit interacts with numerous towns each month to assist with the mapping and addressing process. Utilizing global positioning, data control personnel collect and verify address and location data for use in creating maps. Our cartographers create and maintain detailed maps which assist towns in developing addressing schemes conforming to NENA standards. This information is also used to accurately display addressing information when a call comes in to 9-1-1.

Mapping Status Map Statewide Multi-Unit Status Map
New Hampshire Statewide Mapping Progress Map Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol New Hampshire Statewide Mult-Unit Status Map Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

To view the status of your town’s mapping, select the county in which you live:

Belknap Grafton Strafford
Carroll Hillsborough Sullivan
Cheshire Merrimack  
Coos Rockingham  

Status Definitions:

Maintenance - A town in which all roads and addresses have been collected by NHBEC. After the collection and town approval process, maps are created and kept up to date with the active participation of the town. Control sheets are given to the subject town for their completion as new structures are built. This notifies the bureau that there is a new structure which needs to be collected and addressed. This information is added to NHBEC data and provides for timely and accurate representation of said town.

Awaiting acceptance - A town in which NHBEC has collected roads and/or addresses. The collected data is brought to the town for their review and approval. Acceptance is signified by a letter signed by the selectmen and received by NHBEC.

Collection Scheduled - NHBEC has received a letter from the municipality requesting assistance from the Bureau. Collection of roads, addressing, and other pertinent information by NHBEC will take place in the near future. Keep in touch with your local officials for updated information as it becomes available.

Collection required - Collection of roads, addressing, and other pertinent information from the community that needs to be completed by NHBEC. This will eventually take place even though the municipality has not requested assistance from NHBEC in order to achieve accurate location and addressing information.

Multi-Unit Structures - Structures containing multiple units within one discrete building (regardless of whether the building is residential, commercial, industrial or governmental) should receive a single address with each tenant within that structure receiving a subaddress. A subaddress is defined as "a unique location designation inside of a structure which has multiple tenants in one street address, for the purpose of identifying each tenant's area within that structure." Subaddresses should contain qualifiers to identify the type of unit within the structure (such as APT or STE). The subaddress qualifiers should conform to USPS standards for secondary units and the proper abbreviations.

Why did my address change?

Many residents of the state have undergone addressing changes resulting in a change of street name, street number, or both. In supporting the goal of a quick, efficient, and safe response to emergency scenes, NENA addressing guidelines recommend the elimination of vague or like-sound addressing. A town having a "forest ridge road" and a "forest bridge road" could result in confusion to callers, call takers, dispatchers, or even the responding emergency units. An Addressing Standards Guide Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol written by Bureau staff further enhances and supports the NENA guidelines.

Why isn't my address showing up correctly in Google or Bing maps?

When you have a newly assigned address or it has been changed to conform to NENA Addressing Standards, the changes are not immediately available for viewing on web-based mapping sites. However, you can submit an update or change on the following link:

Questions regarding address changes or the mapping process in general may be directed to Tim Scott, Mapping/Database Manager, at (603) 271-6911.

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