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Registration > International Registration Plan (Apportioned Plates) > Overweight Certification

For vehicles or a combination of vehicles that choose to haul additional weight exceeding the limitations of RSA 266:18, motor carriers must complete New Hampshire's overweight certification process. This certification is a supplement to the legal registration and must be carried in the vehicle at all times.

How to Apply:

To certify your truck and/or trailer for overweight, a Certification for Additional Truck Weights form must be completed by the manufacturer or authorized agent (dealership) or a line sheet from the manufacturer must be attached to the application. Forms may be obtained at any motor vehicle office or may be requested to be mailed to you by calling the IRP office at (603) 227-4110.

Please bring in the completed Certification for Additional Truck Weight form, and the original or a photocopy of the current valid registration from the jurisdiction in which the vehicle is registered, along with a copy of the previous overweight certification from the prior year (if applicable) to one of our motor vehicle offices or mail this information to:

NH Dept. of Safety
Division of Motor Vehicles
ATTN: Registration Bureau
23 Hazen Drive
Concord NH 03305


Please note that fees are for power units only. There is no charge for trailers.

Number of Axles
(vehicle examples)
Legal Registered Weight Certified Weight $105.00 certification fee
plus monthly fee:
(moving vans, box trucks)
33,400 lbs. 37,400 lbs. $3.20
(dump, logging, flatbeds)
55,000 lbs. 65,000 lbs. $8.00
(dump, logging, flatbeds)
60,000 lbs. 73,000 lbs. $10.40
(tractor trailer combo)
80,000 lbs. 84,000 lbs. $4.80
(tractor trailer combo)
80,000 lbs. 99,000 lbs. $22.80

Placement Of Decals

  • Some jurisdictions do not allow our overweight decals to be placed on their license plates, so as a result, the overweight decals for both out-of-state trucks and trailers are to remain attached to the paperwork and shown with credentials when pulled over by law enforcement.
  • Overweight decals for power units based in New Hampshire are to be displayed on the front plate, underneath the year decal.
  • Overweight decals for trailers are to be displayed on the trailer plate underneath the year decal.
  • If the overweight decal does not fit horizontally, then it may be placed vertically.

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