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Road Toll Bureau
Wire Service Permits

General Information-Special Fuel Temporary Authorization

The New Hampshire Road Toll Bureau, under RSA 260:52; VI, grants "a temporary authorization to drive a vehicle propelled by special fuel when, in the commissioner’s judgment, it would be feasible."

This authorization is granted for a three day period under the following criteria (Per SAF-C 304.03, (a), 1, 2):

"(a) Single-trip authorizations to operate a vehicle as provided by RSA 260:52, VI, shall be issued for a 3 day period if the following criteria are met:

(1) The operator is only in the state on a temporary basis; and
(2) The operator does not regularly conduct business in the state"

Additionally, the operator shall not be under suspension in any jurisdiction. The suspension must be cleared prior to the issuance of a temporary authorization.

Fees charged for temporary authorization-Special Fuel

Under SAF-C 304.03:

"(b) The fee for the authorization shall be received by the administration prior to issuance of the authorization.
(c) As authorized by RSA 260:52, VI, the fee for a normal 3 day temporary authorization shall be $10.00.”

General Information-International Registration Plan (IRP) Trip Permits

Temporary authorization (trip permits) are also granted for International Registration Plan (IRP) under the following authority (Saf-C 1710.02 Trip Permits, Out of State Vehicles.):

"(a) Each out of state registrant eligible for an apportioned registration and not apportioned with New Hampshire shall purchase a 72 hour trip permit before entering New Hampshire.
(b) The fee for a trip permit shall be $15.
(c) The trip permit shall allow for interstate and intrastate operation"

Fees charged for temporary authorization-IRP

Under Saf-C 1710.03:

"(b) Trip permits shall also be available from permit service companies for the $15 fee plus any additional transmittal charges the permit service company imposes."

Permits for temporary authorization of special fuel and IRP operators can be applied for through the following permit companies:

Permit Companies Authorized By NH Road Toll Bureau To Issue Temporary Permits
Name Telephone Website
Comdata 1-800-749-6058
Permit America 1-866-573-7648
T-Chek System 1-866-351-2435
The Permit Company 1-800-359-9407
Trans-Mid America 1-800-228-7577
J J Keller 1-800-231-5266
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