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D.A.R.E. New Hampshire exists solely on donations and grants. Most people think there is a line item budget for this program and that is not the case. If you are interested in making a donation to the D.A.R.E. program, please make your check payable to D.A.R.E. NH and 100% of your donation will be used to train D.A.R.E. officers across the state.

Our major fundraiser is our Annual State Police D.A.R.E. Classic 5K Road Race.

D.A.R.E. America Approved Fundraising

Two different programs have been approved by D.A.R.E. America to help local programs.


Watkins is a direct marketing program that benefits YOUR program directly, with 20% of the benefits going to your department. Check out the products available at If you decide you want to try the Watkins fundraiser, call us. We'll walk you through getting your I.D. set up to insure purchases are properly charged and credited to your program.

Candles Plus:

Quaint, country, quality candles of varying shapes and sizes are available for purchase, with a portion of the profits going to the D.A.R.E. program to help offset training and operational expenses. You will also see D.A.R.E. candles available for sale in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts Hannaford Stores. Scoop them up!! D.A.R.E. New Hampshire gets money from each candle sold. The money goes toward your annual training and conference!!

King Pine Ski Area

King Pine Ski Area at Purity Spring Resort is proud to offer a new, fun way to fundraise for your local D.A.R.E. program. Purchase a 2-hour slot at Pine Meadows tubing park for $700 and then sell the tickets within your community at the advertised price of $14 per ticket (100 are available per 2 hour session). Sell the maximum 100 tickets, and your profit would be $700. Depending on availability there may also be opportunities to set up and sell your own baked goods, hot chocolate, and coffee for an additional profit. This special offer is available on Thursday and Sunday evenings from 5-7pm generally. Because it is a family owned resort there’s usually some flexibility in these hours.

Each participant must purchase a ticket and use his/her own tube.

For more information about the tubing park and to obtain release forms, please visit: To speak with a group coordinator at King Pine, please contact Shannon Houde at (800) 373-3754 x213 or, via e-mail at

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