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Request for Proposals Going to Contract

RFB #DOS 2022-103
NHSP Marine Patrol - Well & Water Treatment
Operations & Management Services
Notification Posted 9/27/21
Vendor Rank
Pennichuck Water #2
Gilford Well Co Inc #1
RFP #DOS 2021-08
Maintenance for Fire Trainer T2000
Notification Posted 9/17/21
Vendor Rank
KFT Fire Trainer, LLC #1
Alpine Metal The North America Inc. #2
Kirila Fire Training Facitlities, Inc. #3
RFP #DOS 2021-101
Digital Evidence
Notification Posted: 7/20/21
Vendor Rank
Utility Associates #1
Axon Enterprise #2
Island Tech Services #3
Motorola #4
Verizon NCP*
Radio Communication Tower Structure Analysis
Notification Posted:July 17, 2021
Vendor Rank
All-Points Technology #1
Structural Components,LLC #2
AllStateTower #3
Telephone Quotes
Portable Office Container Rentals
Notification Posted: December 2, 2020
Vendor Rank/Score
PAC Van, Inc. #1
Modulease Corporation #2
Triumph Modular #3
Request for Quotes
Translation Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Notification Posted: September 2020
Vendor Rank/Score
Pinpoint Translation Services #1
Language Bank #2
Northeast Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services #3

Proposals Received

RFB- DOS-2021-03-1
Microfilm Maintenance
Number of Proposals: 1

RFI DOS 2021-100
NHSP Wireless Communications Solutions
Number of Proposals: 5

RFP # DOS HSEM RFP 2021-0006 S4
Radio Ads for S4
Number of Proposals: 1

RFP # DOS HSEM RFP 2021-0005
Radio Ads for Individual Preparedness
Number of Proposals: 1

RFP #DOS-2021-03-01
Microfilm Equipment Maintenance
Number of Proposals: 1

RFP #DOS 2021-101
Digital Evidence
Number of Proposals: 5

RFP #DOS 2021-100
CMVE Inspection - CVIEW System
Number of Proposals: 2

Requests for Information

DMV Office Space in the Plymouth NH Area
Number of Proposals: 2

RFP #DOS 2021-04
DOS Catering Services
Number of Proposals: 2


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