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Pub 103.01 Public Access and Fees.
Pub 103.02 Filings.

Pub 103.01 Public Access and Fees.

(a) RSA 273-A or 273-C, board rules, decisions, forms, and other material and information may be viewed and printed from the board's website, www.nh.gov/pelrb. Copies of public records kept by the board are available for the actual cost of reproduction and handling as determined by the board.

(b) Copies of electronically recorded tapes of hearings conducted by the board, its agents or employees may be obtained upon written request made to the board. Payment shall be enclosed with the request in order to cover the actual cost of copying the tape and return postage. Parties shall contact the board in advance of their request in order to verify the amount of payment due.

Pub 103.02 Filings.

All petitions for certification, decertification or modification of a bargaining unit, complaints of unfair labor practice or requests for appointment of a mediator, fact-finder or arbitrator shall be submitted on current board approved forms or computer templates of current forms. Current board forms may be obtained from the board's website, www.nh.gov/pelrb or from the board.

New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board
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Telephone: (603) 271-2587 | E-mail: pelrb@nh.gov
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