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Unfair labor practices are listed in RSA 273-A:5, I and RSA 273-A:5, II.  A charging party must complete and file an Unfair Labor Practice Complaint together with the $60 filing fee. The Unfair Labor Practice Complaint must include a clear and concise statement of the facts, including, to the extent applicable, the date, time, and place of the occurrence, the names of involved individuals as well as any witnesses.  The Unfair Labor Practice Complaint must also explain how specific statutory provision(s) have been violated.  The public employer is required to post a copy of all Unfair Labor Practice Complaints in locations where employees who might be directly affected by the PELRB's decision work.  Detailed procedure about Unfair Labor Practice Complaints is set forth in Pub 201.02 and Pub 304.

Note: The current collective bargaining agreement must be filed with the complaint unless it is already on file with the PELRB. 

In most cases, after the filing of an Unfair Labor Practice Complaint, the PELRB will schedule a pre-hearing conference (Pub 202) and a hearing (Pub 203).  In some cases, the PELRB will approve a request by the parties to waive hearing and submit the case for decision based upon stipulated facts, exhibits, and briefs.

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