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After the PELRB issues an Order for Election, the PELRB will schedule and conduct a pre-election conference to review the election process with the parties.  During the conference the PELRB will address matters such as the list of eligible voters, the election schedule, polling locations, ballot format, the use of absentee ballots, whether a mail ballot or on site election will be held, casting of challenge ballots, and other election procedures as necessary.  The PELRB will prepare and issue election documents which the employer must post in areas where affected employees work.  Election documents include a formal notice of election stating the date, time, and location of the election, the list of eligible voters, a sample ballot, and election ground rules.

Each party named on the ballot is entitled to a complete list of the names and addresses of employees who are eligible voters.  They also have the right to contact employees at work, which is balanced against the right of public employers to reasonably restrict access to employees at the work-place when such access would interfere with the employer's interest in maintaining staff efficiency and discipline.

A PELRB representative will conduct the election. There is no electioneering in the polling area, and a secret ballot process is followed which preserves the right of employees to cast their ballot in private.  Each party may designate a representative to observe the election process under the PELRB’s supervision, including the distribution, receipt, and counting of the ballots. After the polls are closed and the ballots counted, party representatives will be asked to certify the fairness of the election and the accuracy of the election result.

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