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Laws > Chapter 273-A:9-b

273-A:9-b Legislative Oversight Committee on Employee Relations

I. There shall be a permanent joint legislative committee known as the legislative oversight committee on employee relations.


(a) The committee shall include the following members:

(1) Five members of the senate, appointed by the senate president.

(2) Five members of the house of representatives, appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives

(b) Members of the committee shall receive mileage at the legislative rate.

III. The chair of the committee shall rotate biennially between the senate president or designee and the speaker of the house of representatives of designee, provided that the senate president shall serve as the first chairperson under the provisions of this subparagraph, beginning with the 2015-16 biennium. In the event that the presiding officer or designee serving as chairperson resigns or for any reason is unable to serve, the other presiding officer or designee shall serve as chairperson for the remainder of the biennium, provided that such substitution shall not change the rotation provided for in this subparagraph.

IV.The committee shall meet with the state negotiating committee after the first Wednesday in December in even-numbered years, as necessary, to discuss the state's objectives in the bargaining process. Meetings shall be at the call of the chairperson.

V. The committee shall hold public hearings on all collective bargaining agreements with state employees and on all fact finder's reports relative to the collective bargaining process with state employees, and shall submit any recommendations on such agreements or reports to the members of the senate and the house of representatives.

VI. The senate president may appoint one or more alternate to serve on the committee in the event that a senate member is unable to attend. The speaker of the house of representatives may appoint one or more alternates to serve on the committee in the event that a house member is unable to attend.

Source. 2015, 274:20, eff. Sept. 16, 2015.

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