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Laws > Chapter 273-A:9


Section 273-A:9

273-A:9 Bargaining by State Employees.

I. All cost items and terms and conditions of employment affecting state employees in the classified system generally shall be negotiated by the state, represented by the governor as chief executive, with a single employee bargaining committee comprised of exclusive representatives of all interested bargaining units. Negotiations regarding terms and conditions of employment unique to individual bargaining units shall be negotiated individually with the representatives of those units by the governor.

II. To assist in the conduct of such negotiations the governor may designate an official state negotiator who shall serve at the pleasure of the governor.

III. The governor shall also appoint an advisory committee to assist in the negotiating process. The manager of employee relations appointed under RSA 21-I:44, II shall be a member of this committee.

III-a. No person who is appointed to serve as a state negotiator or as a member of the state negotiating team or any person who serves as a member of the employee bargaining committee shall use his or her position to obtain anything of value for the private benefit of such person or the person's immediate family. Nothing in this section shall prevent an employee or taxpayer from serving on a negotiating team or bargaining committee.

IV. The division of personnel, through the manager of employee relations and the manager's staff, shall provide administrative and professional support to the governor in the conduct of negotiations.

V. [Repealed.]

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