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Laws > Chapter 273-A:4


Section 273-A:4

273-A:4 Grievance Procedures. –Every agreement negotiated under the terms of this chapter shall be reduced to writing and shall contain workable grievance procedures. No grievance resulting from the failure of a teacher to be renewed pursuant to RSA 189:14-a shall be subject to arbitration or any other binding resolution, except as provided by RSA 189:14-a and RSA 189:14-b. Any such provision in force as of the effective date of this section shall be null and void upon the expiration date of that collective bargaining agreement. However, after the expiration date of that collective bargaining agreement, nothing in this section shall be deemed to prohibit the school district public employer and the exclusive bargaining representative from entering into a subsequent agreement that may include arbitration or any other binding resolution for teacher nonrenewals pursuant to RSA 189:14-a and RSA 189:14-b. If such grievance procedures become incorporated into a subsequent collective bargaining agreement, those procedures shall become null and void at the expiration of that agreement. "Grievance resulting from failure of a teacher to be renewed'' means a grievance that challenges nonrenewal, or that seeks reversal or reinstatement from nonrenewal as a remedy.

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