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Collective Bargaining Agreements > Collective Bargaining Agreements M-R

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Last Updated 12/1/2022

City/Town/County/School District/University Union/Association Contract Duration
Madison Employees NEA-NH 2022-2025

Manchester Airport Authority

Teamsters 2019-2022
Manchester Certified Instructors NEA-NH 2020-2022

Manchester City Library

Teamsters 2022-2025
Manchester Education Association NEA-NH 2020-2022
Manchester Education Support Personnel NEA-NH 2021-2024

Manchester Facilities Division

AFSCME 2022-2025

Manchester Central Fleet Management

AFSCME 2022-2025

Manchester Fire Supervisors

non-affiliated 2022-2025

Manchester Firefighters

IAFF 2022-2025

Manchester Health Department

AFSCME 2022-2025
Manchester Housing Authority AFSCME 2019-2022

Manchester Highway, Parks & EPD

AFSCME 2022-2025

Manchester Police Patrolman's

non-affiliated 2019-2022

Manchester Police Support Staff

Teamsters 2022-2025

Manchester Police Supervisors

non-affiliated 2022-2026
Manchester School Directors & Coordinators Teamsters 2022-2024
Manchester School Paraprofessionals AFSCME 2020-2024
Manchester School Principals Teamsters 2019-2024
Manchester Transit Authority ATU 2020-2023

Manchester Water Works

USWA 2021-2026

Manchester Welfare Department

Teamsters 2022-2025
Marlborough Education Association NEA-NH 2020-2024
Marlow Education Association NEA-NH 2022-2025
Mascenic Education Association NEA-NH 2022-2025
Mascenic Education Support Staff NEA-NH 2020-2023
Mascoma Valley Education Association NEA-NH 2020-2023
Mascoma Valley School Support Personnel NEA-NH 2022-2025
Meredith Town SEA/SEIU Local 1984 2021-2023
Merrimack County Corrections Local 129 NCEU 2020-2022
Merrimack County DOC Teamsters 2022-2024
Merrimack County Nursing Home ICWU 2020-2023
Merrimack County Sheriffs NEPBA 2020-2022
Merrimack Dispatchers & Support Staff NEPBA 2020-2024
Merrimack Education Support Staff NEA-NH 2021-2024
Merrimack Firefighters IAFF 2019-2023
Merrimack Police NEPBA 2020-2025
Merrimack Public Safety Officers AFSCME 2019-2023
Merrimack Public Works AFSCME 2019-2022
Merrimack Teachers Association NEA-NH 2022-2023
Merrimack Town Mid-Management Employees Teamsters 2022-2024
Merrimack Valley Education Association NEA-NH 2020-2023
Merrimack Valley Support Staff NEA-NH 2019-2022
Milford Administrative Group Non-Affiliated 2022-2025
Milford Educational Personnel Association NEA-NH 2019-2022
Milford Educational Support Personnel NEA-NH 2021-2024

Milford Police

AFSCME 2019-2023

Milford Teachers

NEA-NH 2019-2023

Milford Town Employees

Teamsters 2022-2025
Milton Education Association NEA-NH 2022-2024
Monadnock Education Association NEA-NH 2022-2025
Monadnock Education Support Staff NEA-NH 2021-2023
Monadnock School Specialists NEA-NH 2021-2024
Monroe School Support Staff NEA-NH 2020-2023
Monroe Teachers Association NEA-NH 2019-2024
Moultonborough Police NEPBA 2022-2025
Moultonborough Public Works AFSCME 2020-2023
Moultonborough School Staff Association NEA-NH 2022-2025

Mont Vernon Education Association - MOA

NEA-NH 2018-2021
Nashua City Clerical & Technical Unit UAW 2020-2024

Nashua City Professional Unit

UAW 2020-2024
Nashua Firefighters IAFF 2019-2023
Nashua Housing Authority AFSCME 2015-2021

Nashua Police Civilians

Teamsters 2022-2026

Nashua Police Communication

NEPBA 2019-2023

Nashua Police Patrolman's

non-affiliated 2022-2026

Nashua Police Professional Employees

UFPO 2022-2026

Nashua Police Supervisors

NEPBA 2020-2023
Nashua Principals non-affiliated 2022-2026
Nashua Public Library AFT 2020-2023
Nashua Public Works AFSCME 2017-2023
Nashua School Custodians AFSCME 2016-2021
Nashua Association of School Administrators & Supervisors non-affiliated 2021-2024

Nashua Teachers Union

AFT 2021-2025

Nashua Teachers Union, Unit D (Food Service)

AFT 2021-2024

Nashua Teachers Union, Paraprofessionals

AFT 2020-2022

Nashua Teachers Union, Secretaries

AFT 2018-2022
New Boston Education Association NEA-NH 2022-2025
New Boston Support Staff Association NEA-NH 2021-2024
New Castle Teachers Organization non-affiliated 2016-2021
Newfields Paraprofessional Association non-affiliated 2015-2019
Newfields Staff Association non-affiliated 2022-2024
Newfound Teachers Union AFT 2022-2025
Newington - Coastal Teachers NEA-NH 2017-2022
Newington Firefighters IAFF 2022-2027
Newmarket Police NEPBA 2018-2023

Newmarket Teachers Association

NEA-NH 2022-2025

Newmarket Support Staff Association

NEA-NH 2020-2023
Newport Police AFSCME 2017-2021
Newport Public Works AFSCME 2021-2024
Newport Support Staff (School) NEA-NH 2022-2023
Newport Teachers Association NEA-NH 2022-2025
North Conway Water Precinct SEA/SEIU Local 1984 2018-2022
North Hampton Firefighters IAFF 2021-2024
North Hampton Town Employees NEPBA 2022-2025
Northwood Education Support Personnel NEA-NH 2022-2025
Northwood Teachers Association NEA-NH 2020-2023
Nottingham Paraprofessional Association NEA-NH 2022-2025
Nottingham Teachers Association NEA-NH 2020-2023
Ossipee Town Employees AFSCME 2021-2024
Oyster River School Educational Support Personnel NEA-NH 2019-2022
Oyster River School Paraprofessional & Support Staff AFT 2022-2026
Oyster River Teachers' Guild NEA-NH 2020-2025
Pelham Education Association NEA-NH 2020-2024
Pelham Educational Support Staff NEA-NH 2020-2023

Pelham Firefighters, Public Works & Municipal

AFSCME 2019-2024
Pelham Firefighters IAFF 2020-2025

Pelham Police

AFSCME 2018-2023
Pembroke Education Association NEA-NH 2020-2023
Pembroke Public Works IUOE 2021-2025
Pembroke Support Staff Association NEA-NH 2021-2024

Peterborough Town Public Works



Pittsburg Education Association NEA-NH 2020-2023
Pittsfield Education Association NEA-NH 2019-2022
Pittsfield Police Employees Teamsters 2020-2023
Pittsfield Town Employees AFT 2021-2024
Plainfield Education Association NEA-NH 2021-2024
Plainfield Support Staff NEA-NH 2021-2024
Plaistow Police Teamsters 2022-2025
Plaistow Town Teamsters 2019-2024

Plymouth Education Association

NEA-NH 2022-2026
Plymouth Educational Support Personnel Association NEA-NH 2021-2024

Plymouth Police & Fire

AFSCME 2022-2025
Plymouth Regional Educators' Association NEA-NH 2022-2026
Plymouth Regional Educational Support Staff NEA-NH 2021-2025
Plymouth State University - Adjunct/Lecturers SEA/SEIU Local 1984 2022-2025
Plymouth State University - Faculty AAUP 2022-2025
Portsmouth Association of Clericals NEA-NH 2022-2024
Portsmouth City Employees AFSCME 2019-2022
Portsmouth City Employees - B AFSCME 2021-2022
Portsmouth Firefighters IAFF 2019-2023
Portsmouth Fire Officers non-affiliated 2019-2023

Portsmouth Non-Supervisory Cafeteria Employees

AFSCME 2021-2022
Portsmouth Police NEPBA 2019-2023
Portsmouth Police Civilian Employees NEPBA 2019-2023
Portsmouth Police Ranking Officers NEPBA 2019-2023
Portsmouth Professional Management Association non-affiliated 2019-2022

Portsmouth School Administrators

non-affiliated 2022-2025

Portsmouth School Custodians

AFSCME 2017-2021
Portsmouth School Custodial Supervisors non-affiliated 2019-2022
Portsmouth School Paraprofessionals NEA-NH 2022-2023
Portsmouth Supervisory Management Alliance non-affiliated 2022-2025
Portsmouth Teachers, Association of NEA-NH 2022-2025
Profile Education Association NEA-NH 2021-2024
Profile Support Staff Association NEA-NH 2020-2023
Prospect Mountain Education Support Professional Association NEA-NH 2021-2023
Prospect Mountain Teachers Association NEA-NH 2022-2026
Raymond Education Association NEA-NH 2022-2025
Raymond Education Support Staff AFT 2022-2026
Raymond Police Employees Teamsters 2018-2023
Raymond Town Employees AFSCME 2019-2024
Rochester Federation of Teachers AFT 2019-2022
Rochester Firefighters IAFF 2021-2023
Rochester Librarians Teamsters 2019-2023
Rochester Middle Management Group non-affiliated 2018-2023
Rochester Municipal Employees Association SEA/SEIU Local 1984 2020-2023
Rochester Municipal Managers Group non-affiliated 2018-2023
Rochester Police NEPBA 2020-2023
Rochester Police Communications NEPBA 2020-2023
Rochester Public Works AFSCME 2019-2023
Rochester School Administrators non-affiliated 2020-2023

Rochester School Buildings & Grounds

AFSCME 2020-2023
Rochester School Food Service AFT 2019-2022
Rochester School Paraprofessionals AFT 2020-2023
Rockingham County Department of Corrections (Officers) NCEU 2021-2024
Rockingham County Department of Corrections (Supervisors) Teamsters 2022-2025
Rockingham County Deputy Sheriff's Department Teamsters 2022-2025
Rockingham County Sheriff's Department (Supervisors) NEPBA 2021-2023
Rockingham County (Dispatchers) Teamsters 2022-2025
Rockingham County (Maintenance) Teamsters 2021-2023
Rockingham County (Legal Assistants & Paralegals) Teamsters 2021-2024
Rockingham County Nursing Home SEA/SEIU Local 1984 2022-2025
Rockingham Venture Park Teamsters 2016-2018
Rollinsford Education Association NEA-NH 2022-2023
Rumney Teachers Association NEA-NH 2022-2025
Rye Coastal Teachers Association NEA-NH 2021-2025
Rye Educational Support Personnel Association NEA-NH 2019-2024
Rye Firefighters IAFF 2017-2020
Rye Police Teamsters 2020-2023
Rye Town Employees Teamsters 2020-2023
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