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2019 Legislation

Selected legislation from the First Year of the 166th General Court (2019).

Planning and Zoning

HB 136increasing the maximum period for the zoning board of adjustment to hold a public hearing.
Chaptered Law 2
This bill amends RSA 676:7, II by increasing the number of days that a ZBA has to hold a public hearing from 30 to 45.
Effective Date: July 9, 2019

HB 245relative to the planning board's procedures on plats.
Chaptered Law 6
This bill amends RSA 676:4, I(b) which, in part, governs when planning board applications must be filed. The statute used to require that applications be filed at least 21 days before the acceptance meeting. This bill allows a planning board to specify a filing deadline for a period of time less than 21 days in its rules of procedure.
Effective Date: July 9, 2019

HB 312 pdf fileestablishing a committee to study tiny houses.
Chaptered Law 82
This bill creates a study committee on tiny houses. The committee will determine what constitutes a “tiny house” and is also charged with looking into issues associated with state and local permitting of tiny houses suitable for year-round occupancy, including tiny houses on permanent foundations and on wheels.
Effective Date: June 18, 2019

HB 370relative to membership on city and town planning boards.
Chaptered Law 105
This bill amends RSA 673:7, bringing treatment of planning board members in cities in line with that of towns. More specifically, it removes the prohibition against appointed city planning board members holding other municipal office. It permits any 2 appointed or elected members of the planning board in a city or town to also serve together on other municipal boards or commissions, except for the conservation commission, the local governing body, and local land use boards as defined in RSA 672:7.
Effective Date: August 20, 2019

SB 43 pdf fileestablishing a commission to study barriers to increased land development in New Hampshire.
Chaptered Law 300
This bill creates a 21-person commission to study barriers to increased density of land development in New Hampshire. The commission is charged with: reviewing patterns of land development in New Hampshire; identification of barriers to increasing the density of development; determining minimum standards of residential development density given available public water and sewer infrastructure; considering reinstating prior planning-related legislation; considering property tax incentives to promote residential and workforce housing; considering preservation of open spaces and rural character; and considering workforce housing enforcement methods. An interim report will be issued by November 1, 2019, with a final report due by November 1, 2020.
Effective Date: July 29, 2019

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