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Plan-link Listserv

Plan-link Listserv is intended as an online discussion and information-sharing forum for the New Hampshire planning, zoning and land use regulation community.

About Plan-link

To subscribe, unsubscribe, change your settings, get a password reminder, see how to post a message, or reach the archives (available to subscribed members only), go to the Plan-link information page.

Subscribing to Plan-link
If you experience any difficulty when subscribing to Plan-link using the automated process, please Contact OSI at to have your address subscribed manually.

The Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), with support from the Department of Information Technology (DoIT), offers the Plan-link Listserv (Listserv) to enhance the communication and sharing of information among New Hampshire planning, zoning and land use regulation officials and interested individuals through the use of Internet email. Only subscribers can participate and anyone may subscribe to the Plan-link Listserv. The Listserv allows subscribers to share information relevant to land use and zoning regulations and is not moderated by OSI or DoIT.

Those persons serving in either elected or appointed positions in New Hampshire government (state, county or local) along with planners, code enforcement officers, zoning administrators and other employees are especially encouraged to subscribe. Access to the Internet and an Internet email address are necessary in order to subscribe and participate.

Plan-link Guidelines

In utilizing the Plan-link Listserv, participants are encouraged to discuss and share information on aspects of land use regulation in New Hampshire. Since OSI does not operate a moderated listserv, subscribers may post only information that is relevant to planning, zoning and land use regulation in New Hampshire. Subscribers who wish to engage in on-going, back and forth discussions should invite others to do so independent of Plan-link. Email submitted to the Plan-link Listserv may involve questions, thoughts, research results, relevant websites, references, book and publication reviews, sample ordinances, examples of warrant articles, current legislative information, upcoming events, announcements, etc.

Commercial announcements and advertisements are not permitted nor is the Plan-link Listserv a forum for vendors and consultants to sell products and services. Users may not conduct business or actively solicit actions which are prohibited by law or which violate any federal, state or local laws. Opinions or preferences subscribing to a political party are not allowed. There may be no commercial or other unauthorized use of this Listserv. Persons who violate these guidelines will be removed from the list.

To post an article from another source, the subscriber must provide a short descriptive paragraph and any comments about its relevance as well as a link to the source location of the article. Subscribers should not include the entire text of the article. Subscribers should be mindful of copyright laws and give adequate citations about the author and source of the article.

The opinions expressed by subscribers to this Listserv are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs held by OSI or the Department of Information Technology. In addition, all messages, information, software, features, services and other materials which are posted or accessed by this Listserv are considered "as is" without any kind of express or implied guarantee or warranty by the State of New Hampshire or any subdivision thereof pertaining to the operation and administration of the site or for the accuracy of the information posted. However, to advance the usefulness, fairness and integrity of the Listserv, posted information should be quoted or otherwise attributed only with the prior permission of the person who posted the message. OSI may periodically use posted information in other publications and will contact the appropriate participants when it plans to do so. Participants may not post any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or illegal material on this listserv and must otherwise conform to the Listserv site rules and guidelines. OSI retains the right to remove any inappropriate posted material from the site and to revoke the subscription of anyone from the listserv who uses this service improperly. The determination of what material is inappropriate or what constitutes improper use of the site lies in the sole discretion of OSI.


If you have a question about Plan-link, or if you have difficulty posting messages, subscribing, unsubscribing, etc., please contact (603) 271-2155, or email

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