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Census and Other Maps

Census and other maps showing New Hampshire cities, counties, and towns, land areas, regional planning commissions, geographic and population centers, and wireless telecommunication towers.

Census Maps

Users Note: The Urbanized Area, Block, and Voting District Maps all contain an index map. The index map is at the top of the list with a file name ending in "000".

  • Boston Urbanized Area Maps - Urbanized Area Outline Maps for the Boston Urbanized Area (includes New Hampshire)
  • Urban Clusters - Urban Cluster Outline Maps for every Urban Cluster in the US
  • Census Block Maps - P. L. 94-171 County Block Maps for New Hampshire.
    After clicking on this link, select 'New Hampshire' from the first dropdown box, then choose the desired county. You will see a list of pdf files, which are maps of the county. Click on file xxxxxx.000.pdf. This will give you an index map of the county, the map index numbers correspond to the last 3 digits of the PDF file list on the previous page. From the index map, click back to the previous page and choose the file (map) you want.

Other Maps

Microsoft Excel Symbol Comma Separated Values (.csv) format. Visit for a list of free .csv reader/import programs for different operating systems.

Portable Document Format Symbol Portable Document Format (.pdf). Visit for a list of free .pdf readers for a variety of operating systems.

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