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Concluding information about planning for wireless telecommunications.

Don't think you can stop here - the learning curve is really just beginning! This bulletin provides you with some basic technical information on PWSF's and how they are being deployed in New Hampshire. You should now have a general perspective about height limits, tower design, signal coverage and visibility; but the hard work is just beginning for communities. How do you get started? Well, here are some pointers for planning boards.

  • Talk about it! From the very first, there should be conversations on how and why you want to pursue a certain approach to PWSF. Some questions to think about are: do you want tall towers? What about lots of smaller ones? Where is a good location?
  • Broaden your perspectives! Don't just talk amongst yourselves. Notice the general public, of course, but also invite resource people in your community and some industry folks as well. The most important thing is to engage in as broad a discussion as possible to build up a solid base of understanding when you are tackling the drafting and amending of regulations or ordinances.
  • Organize a subcommittee! This is not a general rule; each community must determine for itself whether or not they need such a formal organization. However, subcommittees can work effectively when assigned specific tasks as part of the process of developing regulations.
  • Don't neglect your master plan! A regulation is only as good as its foundation, the master plan. Make sure your regulations are based on sound planning.
  • Create a form for PSWF applications rtf (text) file so you can be sure that the applicant provides all necessary information before the clock starts ticking. [footnote 8]
  • Use the NHMA checklist! Copy the next section of this bulletin and keep it with you as a guide when you begin to draft or amend your regulations.
  • Finally, you are not alone! There are many opportunities for assistance from your regional planning commission and OSI. Please contact us if you have questions!
  • Identify consultants (radio frequency experts, engineers, legal counsel) in advance of receiving an application.

[footnote 8] See suggested application form rtf (text) file attached at the end of the technical bulletin.

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