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Planning Publications

Technical bulletins, handbooks, the Innovative Land Use Planning Techniques Guide and Flood Lines - New Hampshire's NFIP newsletter as well as several older publications.

All documents are available in electronic format.  You may order hardcopies using the Publications Order Form or by calling OSI (603) 271-2155.

Also see Energy Division Publications and Reports.

Technical Bulletins

  • Master Planning in New Hampshire
    The only required duty of a planning board is to create and periodically update and amend a master plan to guide the development of the cummunity. OSI has provided a technical bulletin outlining the content, adoption procedure and purpose of a master plan and this webpage updates and expands on that document.
  • Planning for Accessory Dwellings
    This page contains information and resources about Accessory Dwelling Units including the new technical bulletin compiled in the Spring of 2016.
  • Planning for Wireless Telecommunications
    In 2000, the New Hampshire legislature passed HB733 creating a new statute, RSA 12-K to address the rising proliferation of cell towers and wireless communication facilities. In response to section 8 of the statute, a technical bulletin was produced to assist communities in addressing wireless communication facility development which has been revised and amended several times since its initial publication.
  • Small Wind Energy Systems
    In 2008 the New Hampshire legislature passed HB310, creating a framework for municipalities to regulate the construction of small-scale wind turbines. The law clarifies the obligation municipalities have to encourage renewable energy in a manner that protects the public's health, safety and welfare. It was also constructed in a flexible manner to allow municipalities to adjust their regulations to meet the individual community's goals. In compliance with HB310, ta technical bulletin on Small Wind Energy Systems. The bulletin presents a summary of HB310 and includes a model ordinance to aid communities in drafting regulations that conform with state laws.
  • Tax Increment Financing
    Tax Increment Financing (TIF) can be a powerful tool for funding necessary infrastructure improvements. TIF has until recently been used only by larger cities, but it is equally if not more valuable for New Hampshire's smaller communities.

Handbooks and Other Publications

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