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Planning Division Resources

The Planning Division offers many resources to state, regional and local officials and interested citizens relating to planning, zoning, and land use.

Resources offered by the Planning Division include:

Broadband Information and Resources

Provides information about upcoming broadband training and funding opportunities, and links to national, state, regional, and county broadband resources.

Grants, Jobs, and RFPs

Provides a summary of planning-related job opportunities and request for proposals (RFPs) for OSI and related agencies and organizations and information about grant availability.

Planning and Zoning Laws, Rules, and Cases

Provides a summary of state and national planning law, rules, and cases.

Planning and Zoning Legislation

Provides summaries of past and recent planning-related legislation.

Planning and Zoning Publications

Provides a list of links to publications produced by the Planning Division and other organizations that provide information and guidance on various planning, zoning, and land use topics.

Planning and Zoning Subject List and Resources

Provides a list of links to planning, zoning, and land use subject pages that include information, guidance, and resources for each subject.

Planning Partners and Resources

Provides information about OSI’s planning partners and organizations that provide planning-related resources, training, and publications.

Regional Planning Commission Resources

Provides information and links about the nine New Hampshire regional planning commissions and their roles and responsibilities.

Resources During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Provides up-to-date information, resources, and training for planning and zoning board members and staff members to utilize during the COVID-19 outbreak.

State Statutes (RSAs)

Provides a description of the structure and organization of the state’s statutes and links to the planning and zoning-related chapters.  State statutes can also be found using an Online Search or a search by Topic List.

Information about the Planning Division’s programs and services can be found on the Planning Division home page

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