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For LCIP Municipalities

LCIP Conservation Commission monitoring inspection forms and GPX, KML and TFX boundary files for all municipal LCIP properties.

LCIP Monitoring Inspection Reports

CLS maintains a database of all LCIP conservation properties. We update this database as new information is provided from municipalities. We ask that municipalities fill out a Monitoring Inspection Report Word file (blank template) each year and submit those report to CLS so that we are able to keep our database updated and landowner information current. If you would like copies of the monitoring reports for your town please contact us and we will e-mail them to you. Electronic copies of reports are the most efficient for us, but we will also accept hard copies. If you are interested in how other towns complete their reports there are samples in the Stewardship Resources section of the website. If you are having difficulty anywhere along the way, please just contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Municipal LCIP Property Boundaries

By clicking on the links below, you can access GPX, KML and TFX boundary files for all municipal LCIP properties. These files can be downloaded from this website and opened or imported into your own GPS software. Once a track is opened in your GPS software program, you should be able to export it to your GPS unit to use in the field so you know where you are in relationship to a property's boundary. Some software will also connect you directly to Google Earth and a printed track can be applied to aerial photos. You can print copies of the property bound, and any gathered tracks, on your GPS software or a site such as Google Earth and attach the printout to a conservation land monitoring report as an example of how this can be used.

Cautionary Notes

  • Boundaries are not survey quality and are for reference only
  • Not all browsers treat these files the same, so no single set of instructions work
  • Not all GPS software works the same, so no single set of instructions work
  • Each town file will contain the boundary tracks for all LCIP parcels in that town
  • These boundary tracks are for LCIP properties, not LCHIP properties
  • If one type of file does not work, try the other


  • For each municipality, right click on the type of file you want, GPX, KML or TXF
  • Click on "Save link as" or "Save target as"
  • Save the file where you can find it on your computer
  • Open your GPS software and "Open" or "Import" the saved boundary track file
  • Once the track is in your software program, you can access edit features

These files can also be sent to you via email upon request if you are not able to download them from this website.

GPX Files

KML Files

TXF Files

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Microsoft Word Symbol Microsoft Word format. You can download a free reader from Microsoft.

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