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Heating Tips

  • Insulate attics and walls.
  • Seal around areas such as windows, doors, bathroom vents and chimneys where heat can escape.
  • Check the manufacturer's label before insulating your water heater.
  • Set the water heater temperature to about 120° Fahrenheit at most; higher temperature water can scald, and cooling it wastes not only the heat in the water; it also wastes the cold water needed to dilute the hot water. Properly maintain your heating system – have it inspected and cleaned annually. You will save fuel, and proper maintenance can help avoid costly emergency service calls. Replace hot air heating system filters once a month during the heating season, or as needed.
  • Clean hot-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators as needed; make sure furniture, carpeting and drapes do not block them.
  • Reduce the thermostat setting when everyone is asleep or away from the home. Consider installing a programmable thermostat.
  • Install storm windows or other energy-saving windows and lock your windows to create a tighter seal; use drapes and shades at night to conserve heat.
  • Close the damper on your woodstove and/or fireplace when not in use.

Other Resources

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