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Energy Policy, Planning, and Security

The Policy, Planning and Energy Security program will result in direct assistance to citizens and business in New Hampshire to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts. The program will do this through five key services: Technical Assistance, Strategic Planning, Legislative Support, Program Support, and Energy Security.

Technical Assistance

OSI will continue to provide information and technical assistance to residents, businesses, nonprofits, local governments and the media on a variety of issues including fuel prices, cost effectiveness of energy efficiency/renewable energy, siting regulations for energy systems, available incentives, and state energy policies.

Strategic Planning - EESE Board Attendance

OSI will use its expertise to enhance the collaborative planning efforts of our state and local partners, various energy policies, and support to the Sustainable Energy Division. This support includes participating in the selection committee for the Renewable Energy Fund and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Fund (funded through proceeds of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or RGGI).

OSI staff serves as vice-chair of the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy (EESE) Board, a key advisory body to the Governor and State Legislature on energy matters. The EESE Board continues to work through the recommendations of an independent study of the state's energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and policies and to develop specific recommendations to the legislature. This work will be closely coordinated with the competitive SEP grant that OSI received to establish and Energy Efficiency Resource Standard. OSI will also continue to assist the EESE Board and its subcommittees to guide municipal energy reduction efforts, and to coordinate an outreach and education strategy for the State's various energy programs.

OSI will continue to seek partnerships with regional and national entities, including participation on the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), on whose board OSI serves, the Northeast Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG/ECP) Conference, New England Wind Energy Education Program, and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Board of Directors.

Legislative Support

OSI offers support to the legislature, their staff, and stakeholder groups to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy policy. In addition to monitoring bills, OSI staff will attend hearings, testify to legislative committees, and meet with stakeholder groups.

Energy Security - Energy Assurance

OSI will continue to coordinate its energy security efforts with the Energy Assurance ARRA grant, which is due to end in February of 2013. Staff serves on the state's Advisory Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Security and participates in at least one subcommittee of that group. OSI will also participate in any drills/exercises/actual events at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as the supporting agency on ESF 12. Staff will also continue to work with state agency and industry stakeholders to further discuss interdependencies and cascading consequences during an energy, or related, emergency.

Program Support

OSI will attend regional and national conference to seek out best practices and model examples that will be used to improve the states energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts. ISU's internal energy team will hold weekly meetings to coordinate energy programs as well as provide consistency with state and regional planning activities. SEP Program Managers will manage and monitor sub-recipients and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and reporting requirements.

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