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Energy Education

The Energy Education program at OSI provides services to municipalities, State employees and agencies, businesses, and residential markets.

OSI staff is currently engaged in monitoring conservation easements throughout the state to ensure compliance with various laws and regulations. This work will be more fully integrated into the energy team's goals for conservation, efficiency and renewable energy development. Acting as a resource to both private landowners and municipal conservation officials, conservation staff will begin to provide information and referrals regarding energy conservation and renewable energy opportunities relating to biomass, wind, solar, and hydro-electric resources. In addition, conservation staff will provide information regarding energy issues into their work with other agencies engaged with natural resource conservation.

OSI will continue to provide information and technical assistance to residents, businesses, nonprofits, local governments and the media on a variety of issues including fuel prices, cost effectiveness of energy efficiency/renewable energy, siting regulations for energy systems, available incentives, and state energy policies. Through an agreement with the Department of Resources and Economic Development the program will continue to serve as a primary resource for businesses, providing technical assistance on a wide variety of issues and opportunities, including incentive programs and rebates, federal tax incentives, performance contracting and PPAs, integrated design opportunities, sustainability and certification programs. DRED will also work with OSI to develop a New Hampshire-based business cluster focused on the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry.

OSI will continue to maintain a website developed under theARRA SEP Municipal Local Energy Audit Exchange project; the site contains model energy audits of municipal buildings of various sizes and from diverse geographic and political regions. In addition, the agency will maintain the website developed by the ARRA SEP Building Code Compliance program, which provides information on a wide variety of energy code topics.

OSI will field inquiries from the public regarding energy policy, rebates, improvements, etc.

OSI will continue to work with the Energy and Climate Collaborative on efforts to institute a residential Home Energy Labeling initiative.

OSI will provide presentations and other training to residential and commercial audiences on energy efficiency and renewable energy topics.

State Employees' Annual Conference

OSI staff will again help organize and promote the Annual State Energy Conference, which provides a training opportunity for approximately 75 state employees to learn about energy saving policies and initiatives as well as to celebrate the accomplishments of agencies and individuals. Additional training and support will be provided to state employees engaged in maintaining energy data in state's database, and staff will continue to assist the State Energy Manager in making improvements to data tracking, management process. Technical assistance will be provided to state agencies interested in implementing energy improvements in their buildings.

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