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Population Estimates

Population estimates for New Hampshire cities and towns.

Beginning in 1968, population figures were compiled on a yearly basis under the provisions of RSA 78-A:25. These figures represented the population submitted by the cities and towns of New Hampshire, as of June 30, in conformance with guidelines suggested by the Office of Planning and Research (now Office of Strategic Initiatives). The figures included only residents of the communities, and not transients or institutional populations. Valid comparisons between these figures and prior estimates computed by the Office of Planning and Research should not be made.

In 1977, the definition of resident was significantly changed. The law specified that the definition of resident was to include all institutional population. The date of the estimates was changed to 14 months prior to the publication date, that was July 1, of the preceding year. This lag time permits time to assemble necessary data, have it reviewed by local officials and develop, test and analyze procedures used to generate the estimates. For these reasons, estimates prepared prior to August 1978 are not comparable. In order to provide an intervening estimate, OSI prepared 1975 estimates that are comparable to the 1970 US Census.

Since the 1980 Census, a dwelling unit method has been consistently used, by OSI, in the 37 communities with a 1980 population of 5,000 or more. In all remaining communities, from 1980 to issuance of the 1986 estimates, a method of employing resident tax data was used. However, beginning with the 1987 estimates some communities discontinued the resident tax. This forced the using of different methodologies in these communities. This change affects the comparability of the estimates in such communities.

OSI is also the State's representative to the State-Federal Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE). As a member of the program, OSI provides information for and review of the program products.

We must stress that due to methodology changes over the years, population figures are not comparable, except for the US Census data, which started in 1790 and is conducted every ten years.

For additional estimate information, see the Missouri Census Data Center providing interactive population estimates for New Hampshire by age from US Census Bureau data.

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2010 Population Estimates

These estimates are available upon request. However, the office recommends the use of the 2010 decennial US Census figures for municipalities since there is only a three-month period between the decennial US Census date of April 1, 2010 and the 2010 estimates date of July 1, 2010.

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