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New Hampshire Municipal Data

Municipal data - demographics, economics and more - from the American Community Survey.

Data are estimates for the time period 2015-2019. All documents have been saved in Comma Separated Values Comma Separate Values Comma Separate Values file format. Files are saved in this open source format so they are accessible to the greatest number of users. Since the files are in this format, the column headings appear truncated so you will need to expand the column headings horizontally and vertically to see the entire text. Please contact us if you have any questions about opening these files.

Age by Race

Place of Ancestry

Nativity and Citizenship Status

Geographic Mobility

Transportation to Work (by residence geography)

Transportation to Work (by workplace geography)

Types of Households

School Enrollment and Educational Attainment

Language Spoken at Home

Poverty Status

Disability Status

Household and Family Income

Gender by Work Experience


Food Stamps/SNAP

Employment Status

Occupations and Earnings

Housing Units

Group Quarters

Health Insurance

Computer Availability

Citizen, Voting-Age Population

Quality Measures

Microsoft Excel Symbol Comma Separated Values (.csv) format. Visit for a list of free .csv reader/import programs for different operating systems.

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