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Task Force on the Misclassification of NH Workers

Report suspected misclassification

We are committed, through education and enforcement of New Hampshire laws and rules, to promoting a statewide community where all New Hampshire businesses are treated equally and expected to pay their fair share and New Hampshire workers are guaranteed appropriate pay and protections.

If you think an employer is committing fraud by misclassifying its workers or is committing violations of New Hampshire State laws related to the employment of workers, it is important that you let us know about it. All allegations of fraud and violations are taken seriously, and while your name can be withheld as an informant, you must identify yourself and give your personal information so that we can follow-up with you directly on the tip if necessary. Please include as much information as possible. All information will be maintained in a fully secure environment.

The Task Force's strong emphasis on fraud prevention, and the detection of violations, helps reduce opportunities for fraud and abuse. In addition, its fraud deterrence activities persuade individuals and companies that they should not commit fraud because of the likelihood of detection and punishment.

The Task Force is made up of the following State regulatory agencies: Department of Labor, Department of Employment Security, Department of Revenue Administration and the Department of Insurance. Each of these agencies is committed to ensuring that NH businesses pay their fair share to work in New Hampshire and that all NH workers are treated fairly.

A tip made through this website will be reported simultaneously to all four Departments engaged in the Task Force so you do not need to report a tip to each agency individually. Someone from the Task Force will contact you if we need further information. If you provide us with enough information we will begin our investigations. In most instances we will not contact an informant to provide any information on any open investigation unless we need information, as our agencies' investigations are not considered public to protect the rights of the accused in case of false accusations or misunderstandings.

The Task Force and the appropriate investigating agencies will make every effort to protect your identity. We will not reveal the source of these allegations to the employer in the course of our investigation.

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Task Force for the Misclassification of NH Workers