World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Message from the State Librarian
December 7, 2001 marks the 60th anniversary of the bombing in Pearl Harbor and the entry of the United States into World War Two. On that fateful Sunday in 1941 America was not prepared for war; the global conflict that would be fought in two theaters would last four more years and claim more than 17 million soldiers and civilians. The exhibit of World War Two posters at the New Hampshire State Library is designed to show the commitment of the American people to the defeat of Nazi Germany, the Empire of Japan and their Axis partners.

The posters chosen for the exhibit represent themes that mobilized the country in its long and costly struggle to rid the world of totalitarianism. Before television and the instant communications of the Internet, the posters produced by the U. S. Government served as a source of inspiration and information for Americans united in a common cause to overcome those who would deny us our long cherished freedoms. Many of the posters on exhibit have come to symbolize what America means to the rest of the world, a haven for those seeking freedom and justice. I hope you enjoy the exhibit and take from it a renewed faith in America and its ideals.

As part of the rich collection of materials of the New Hampshire State Library, we proudly display the posters of World War Two as a tribute to the "Greatest Generation" who fought to preserve our American way of life.

Michael York