World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Americans will always fight for liberty.
America calling–
Bundles for Berlin.
Every man, woman and child...
Give 'em both barrels.
He's a fighting fool–
He's watching you.
Put your muscle on a war job.
Someone talked!
Strong in the strength of the Lord.

Someone talked!
Someone talked!
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Siebel, artist. Office of War Information poster, no. 18. 1942. 40 x 29.

A drowning man points accusingly. This is one of a large group of posters, which warned against careless discussion of the whereabouts of troops or ships, many of which were being sunk off the United Sates coat. These posters were displayed in shipyards, army and navy posts, waterfront bars and restaurants-wherever there was danger of spies or saboteurs.