World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Americans will always fight for liberty.
America calling–
Bundles for Berlin.
Every man, woman and child...
Give 'em both barrels.
He's a fighting fool–
He's watching you.
Put your muscle on a war job.
Someone talked!
Strong in the strength of the Lord.

He's a fighting fool–give him the best you've got. More production.
He's a fighting fool-give him the best you've got. More production.
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[artist unknown]. War Production Board, 1942. 40 x 29.

War Production Board posters brought the urgency of the war onto the factory floor. Tacked up on bulletin boards, next to time clocks, on factory walls, and in break rooms, posters such as this one served as constant reminders of the war and the need to increase production. This poster was listed in the Official Plan Book for the Production Drive as one that would be furnished to all production plants along with the streamer Every Minute Counts. Instructions for effectiveness were to display the two together.