World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Americans will always fight for liberty.
America calling–
Bundles for Berlin.
Every man, woman and child...
Give 'em both barrels.
He's a fighting fool–
He's watching you.
Put your muscle on a war job.
Someone talked!
Strong in the strength of the Lord.

Every man, woman and child a partner.
Every man, woman and child a partner.
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David H. Stech, artist. War Production Board, 1942. 28 x 40 in.

Typical of many WWII posters, this poster uses statistics to boost production and morale. It affirms the essential need of each individual. Between January 1940 and August 1945, major munitions plants produced:

38,866,000,000   Rounds of ammunition
271,165   Tanks and other combat vehicles
15,668,869   Rifles, carbines and pistols
5,989,603   Bombs and rockets

The estimated total dollar value of these munitions was $38,132,166,000.