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Here's a war job for you.
Spike the Jap!
Don't be a job hopper–
I'm proud.
Work on a farm this summer.
I need your skill in a war job!
Our carelessness, their secret weapon.
America needs your eyes
New Hampshire needs air raid wardens.
The five Sullivan brothers.

The five Sullivan brothers.
The five Sullivan brothers.
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[artist unknown]. Office of War Information poster, no. 42. 1943. 28 x 22.

One family lost all of their sons when the five Sullivan brothers from Waterloo, Iowa were killed at Guadalcanal on the cruiser Juneau on November 11, 1942. When public sympathy swelled, the Navy ruled that brothers could not serve aboard the same vessel. The story of this tragedy caught Hollywood's attention and in 1943 the film, The Sullivans, was released, starring Anne Baxter, Thomas Mitchell, Selena Royle and Ward Bond. At the New York Premier, in the lobby of the Roxie Theater, the Sullivan brothers' parents sold war bonds to raise money for the war effort and to boost public morale.