World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Here's a war job for you.
Spike the Jap!
Don't be a job hopper–
I'm proud.
Work on a farm this summer.
I need your skill in a war job!
Our carelessness, their secret weapon.
America needs your eyes
New Hampshire needs air raid wardens.
The five Sullivan brothers.

Work on a farm this summer.
Work on a farm this summer.
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Morgan Douglas, artist. Office of War Information poster, no. 59. U.S. Crop Corps. 1943. 28 x 20.

It became increasingly difficult for farmers to meet the military's extraordinary demand for foodstuffs. As a result of many farm workers joining the armed services or going to work in factories, farmers looked to the newly established U.S. Crop Corps for needed assistance on their farms. Artist Morgan Douglas served as PFC during the war. He attended both the Detroit and Cleveland Art Schools.