World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Here's a war job for you.
Spike the Jap!
Don't be a job hopper–
I'm proud.
Work on a farm this summer.
I need your skill in a war job!
Our carelessness, their secret weapon.
America needs your eyes
New Hampshire needs air raid wardens.
The five Sullivan brothers.

I'm proud. My husband wants me to do my part.
I'm proud. My husband wants me to do my part.
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John Newton Hewitt, artist. War Manpower Commission, 1944. 20 x 14.

As a result of the nation's wartime production efforts, there was a critical shortage of labor. Consequently, women were hired in such numbers that their participation in the job market increased enormously. During this battle for greater production, the employment of women rose from about twelve million to more than eighteen million. By the end of the war, women made up about 35 percent of the labor force.

The images on posters such as these were not haphazardly created. The selection of an "average Joe" to personify American male workers was selected to gain the "common man's" allegiance to production goals. The average working woman on the other hand was idealized as a fashion model in denim. This carefully glamorized image was intended to convince women that they would not have to sacrifice their femininity for war work.