World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Here's a war job for you.
Spike the Jap!
Don't be a job hopper–
I'm proud.
Work on a farm this summer.
I need your skill in a war job!
Our carelessness, their secret weapon.
America needs your eyes
New Hampshire needs air raid wardens.
The five Sullivan brothers.

Don't be a job hopper-stick to your job.
Don't be a job hopper-stick to your job.
Click image for an 8 x 11 printable picture.

Walt Disney, artist. Office of War Information and War Manpower Commission, 1944. 20 x 14.

Walt Disney helped in the war effort on the home front by creating a number of posters. In this poster, a grasshopper urges people to not change jobs.