World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Food is a weapon–
Can all you can.
Do with less
Have you really tried to save gas
Save waste fats
Use it up–
All fuel is scarce
Millions of troops
Plant a victory garden

Millions of troops are on the move…is your trip necessary?
Millions of troops are on the move…is your trip necessary?
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Montgomery Melbourne, Office of Defense Transportation, 1943. 28 x 22.

Released by the temporarily established Office of Defense Transportation, this poster reminded civilians that railroads were needed to move troops. During WWII unprecedented numbers of troops, arms and equipment were transported by rail. By 1943 nearly all leisure travel had been banned due to fuel shortages and the push to conserve rubber by not using automobiles. In 1943 the Office of Defense Transportation banned all express buses, leaving only trains for long distance travel. Regardless of the availability of seating on trains, Americans did travel during the war and the "Is your trip necessary?" series of posters could only serve as a reminder of the national travel crisis.