World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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Patriotism Save and Sacrifice Dollars for Victory Every Citizen A Soldier
Loose Lips Sink Ships Our Allies Oversized Posters
Food is a weapon–
Can all you can.
Do with less
Have you really tried to save gas
Save waste fats
Use it up–
All fuel is scarce
Millions of troops
Plant a victory garden


A large part of the war propaganda effort demanded sacrifice in terms of daily activities-saving waste fats for use in explosives, saving tin cans, eating leftovers, recycling paper, growing vegetables and canning them for home use, saving gasoline by driving cars slower and less often. Appeals directly to women became a major element in poster propaganda, from asking women to enlist in the armed forces to encouraging housewives to conserve home resources.

The government fought price fixing and black market prices with rationing. All Americans needed to share in the burdens of shortages equally. Not to share in sacrifices for victory was an unpatriotic act, and often was reported.

Food is a weapon-don't waste it! Can all you can. Do with less so they'll have enough.

Have you really tried to save gas by getting into a car club? Save waste fats for explosives. Use it up-wear it out-make it do! All fuel is scarce: plan for winter now!

Millions of troops are on the move…is your trip necessary? Plant a victory garden: our food is fighting.

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