World War 2 Posters at NHSL
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  Patriotism Save and Sacrifice Dollars for Victory Every Citizen A Soldier
Loose Lips Sink Ships Our Allies Oversized Posters
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Credit for moving this exhibit from idea to undertaking should go to Van McLeod, New Hampshire Commissioner of Cultural Resources. Thanks also to BAE Systems and the New Hampshire Conservation License Plate Advisory Committee for their financial support, which ensured the success of "Unifying A Nation."

This exhibition and checklist have benefited from the experience and expertise of many. We welcome this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of all those who made both a reality. Special thanks go to the New Hampshire Veteran's Memorial Walkway Campaign Committee, Boscawen, New Hampshire for their enthusiasm and abilities in putting together our opening event; Kathy Patten Hanson, Exhibit Designer, Deerfield, New Hampshire for her keen, artistic eye; Bill Finney, Commercial Photographer, Hopkinton, New Hampshire for his photographic preparation; McGowan Fine Art, Inc., Concord, NH for their meticulously researched archival treatment of the posters; Dennis Barnard and Bill Charron, Department of Administrative Services, State of New Hampshire, Concord, New Hampshire for their handiness and patience in building the exhibit structure; Debra DeCota, New Hampshire State Library, Concord, New Hampshire for her interlibrary loan facilitation of materials important to the project; John McCormick, New Hampshire State Library, Concord, New Hampshire for his help in compiling a World War II reading list; David Harris, New Hampshire State Library, Concord, New Hampshire for producing the exhibit soundtrack; and Trina Purcell, Archivist, Library and Archives of New Hampshire's Political Tradition, Concord, New Hampshire for her conservation advice.

The creation of this checklist was made easier thanks to the talents of Capital Offset Company representative Karl Schoff, who met deadlines, refined our ideas and helped us produce a publication worthy of the exhibit.

Russell Bastedo

Janet Eklund